To order check our "Services and Fees" and "Service options" in the "Prices" page. Contact Jo if you need any information about the services we offer or if you are uncertain about what can be done with an image. To contact Jo select the Contact page link above or below. Once you have decided what services or products you would like to order please contact Jo with your requirements and she will arrange for an estimate.

We will respond to an email within a business day.
Payments can be made by direct credit into our bank account in NZ dollars or via PAYPAL. Overseas orders can be quoted and paid in your local currency via PAYPAL. Local orders can also be paid for via cheque payment.
To send an item via courier we recommend placing a clean stiff card in with your photos to prevent damage during transit. It is also a good idea to place items in waterproof packaging. It is best to talk directly to your courier company for specific advice. Any special packaging sent with an item, stiffening card, archival plastic sleeves or archival paper envelopes used to store photos will be returned with the item once scanning has been completed via courier.

Scanning guidelines
Successful image capture requires a range of skills in order to determine the most appropriate resolution based on the quality of the original image and desired final result and whether additional image enhancing procedures are done at the time of scanning or later. For commercial printing accurate colour reproduction using a specialised profiled scanner is essential. If you choose to scan your photos to send to us we recommend they are scanned at ideally a resolution of 600 dpi, sometimes greater. Black and white and sepia photos should be scanned in full colour RGB and this contains more information. If the photo has an obvious surface texture we recommend you contact us for specific scanning advice. Prior to scanning a photo it is best to gently remove dust with compressed air or a photographic brush. The glass surface of the scanner should also be gently wiped with a non lint cloth For best results turn off any image enhancing features of your scanner and scan the photo's in iheir natural state so they can be repaired in Photoshop.

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