Over time old photos change colour due to chemical reactions between the papers they were printed on and the chemicals used in their production. Photo damage can also result from accidents, poor handling, poor storage, insect or rodent attacks, fungal attacks, exposure to sunlight or dampness. This sort of damage can include foxing, scratching, tears, folds, pen marks, water marks, fading and discoloration from sellotape.

Photo Restoration Services: photos

In the example below the original photo on the left was originally overexposed and faded, with circular scratch marks, damaged corners and foxing. The image to the right is the repaired image.
The small photo to the right measured 4.6cm by 6 cm - it was taken in 1919 and was well composed but had faded. Scanned at high resolution this unique photo was able fixed and enlarged to nearly A4 size for a calendar.
We restore and repair your old photos using high resolution scanning and photo correction techniques.
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