Photo Restoration Services: photographic effects, retouch and rebuild, manipulation, insertion and removal examples ...

Sometimes major retouching and rebuilding is required as in the photo below and its restoration on the right.
In the example below a photo of a mummy in the rain was required - however it was the middle of winter so to avoid freezing the model, rain and the effects of water were added to the original image ...
In this example below for the book "Making Music", the challenge was to show a significant adult and child interaction. A small group was
selected from the larger photo at the left and the lady in the background with the pink skirt was removed to improve the composition.
The seated lady's fine hair and little boy's head was extracted from a dark background by creating a mask. The cot was rebuilt and realistic
lighting & shadow added.
In the following example two different photos of the group of children playing music were merged to form a larger group, by placing the little girl
from the right hand image into the left hand image, forming a new image - see below.